We welcome you to Meet the table now, and we invite you to join in eating the story contained in our table. Also, Please remember that you always can be the host of your table.


“MTTT™ makes the invisible visible and bright.”


MTTT™ believes that ordinary people contain the deepest mysteries and great story to move our world. However, they do not realize that their power and hidden potentiality is greater than their thoughts. So, Meet The Table™ try to find them and makes it bright.

We define host of our table as people who pursuit the invisible good value, make visible. However, They’ve often faced the huge rock to overcome in their pathway. whenever they need the other’s help, such as the more efficient way with a right technology, human network and creative business design. we discuss the solution and the their future together and share it around the table. Besides, Our mission is making innovative and creative solution.

Through our mission, MTTT™ have to approve everyone can co-exist on the earth through our statement and activity.

How MTTT™ works

THE Table IS:

  • an intensive around three hours dinner and discussion.
  • a space for company, individuals, and Non-profitable organization to predict their vision and to make innovative business model through cutting-edge technology and design thinking.
  • an exploration in the emerging realm of mega trend and digital methodology.
  • providing real solution to apply for professional development

Guests will be guided by leading professionals in the makers of MTTT to prepare the table. By offering materials in detail with host’s statement, Guests will collaborate with another guests and produce unique and creative ideas.

– Kick Off 

– Official Table

– After The table

– Final Reviews & Production

MTTT™’s Features


People on the table

Food & Wine on the table

The Story on the table

Our Table makes the change

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